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Viraj’s sister who is a spoil brat was driving her car when she was drunk. She met and accident and Nisha rushes to save her life.

Viraj tells the reporter, my sister is out of track but we will show her the right path with help of Nisha.

She doesn’t know that Nisha has saved her as she is the first aid for everyone. Not just from accident she will save her from Viraj’s resentment as well. Nisha says, yeah I hope Viraj will be impressed and he will give me a job in his academy. He says, there is not such thing. The vacancy is filled already.

Nisha tried her best to save the sister from Viraj’s anger but he got to know its his sister. Viraj says, everyone in my family is spoilt. We lie and drink but I will show my siblings right path with help of Nisha.

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