‘Not fit’ is a wrong term used by the casting directors: Rohit Indoliya

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Casting Directors certainly play a vital role in the making of a show by giving life to the characters of the story with their castings. Rohit Indoliya is one such name in the field of casting who has been associated with many renowned production houses.
Rohit has been associated as a casting director with some of the renowned production houses like Fireworks Productions, Village Boy Productions, Optymistix and much more and he is currently associated with ABD Productions for Sony TV’s ‘Mann Mein Hai Vishwas’. TellyBuzz had a small chit chat with Rohit to know more about his life and experiences as a casting director.
How has been your journey in the industry so far?
It’s been an unpredictable journey. It was like an episode of Aahat for me, where every day I have to live a new journey and work with new faces because the requirements are totally different in an episodic than daily soaps. For daily soaps, we have to cast a new family. Before entering into this field, I was into Marine Engineering. After sailing for 6 months, I realised that I was not enjoying it. I feel that you should love the work you do. I got into casting and started loving it. Meeting with so many people, getting recognised by people and talking to so many people seemed interesting to me. There are good and bad things in the industry, so we should focus on the good things and work.
The industry has so many other opportunities, why did you choose to get into casting?
You should do the work that you love! I am an opportunist and it gives me a higher designation and growth. I am very good at public relation and this field gives me an opportunity to connect with new people, that’s why I am doing it.
According to you, what is the one thing that the casting directors should improve upon?
The worst part about the casting directors is the statement used by them, “You are not fit for this role”. I feel that the word ‘Not fit’ is a very bad word. You should boost them for their next audition by choosing the right word rather than de-motivating them using such words. If you convince them politely about your requirements for the actor they are looking for, they will never give up and work hard for the next.
Having done casting for daily soaps and episodic shows, what is the challenge that you have come across?
I think that the most challenging part is the daily soap because you can’t change your cast till your shows go on. When you cast for an episodic show, and it goes wrong then people might forget, but this doesn’t happen with daily soaps. So the risky part is with daily soaps.
What are your future goals?
I would like to see myself as a successful person and success doesn’t have a definition.

Way to go Rohit!