OMG! Groom swap in Zee TV’s Kaala Teeka




It seems that groom and bride swapping is the new trend in Hindi Television.

Well, we will now see this track opening up in Zee TV’s Kaala Teeka (DJ’s Creative Unit).

The show will soon increase its drama quotient with the marriage festivities of Naina (Sukirti Kandpal) and Pavitra (Simran Pareenja).

In the coming episodes, Thakur (Parag Tyagi) will plot something bigger against Naina. He will drug Naina and will forcefully marry with her.


In some dramatic moments, Pavitra and Naina’s lover Krishna (Karan Sharma) will learn about Naina’s forced marriage.

Hence, Pavitra will tie a knot with Krishna to stay in Thakur’s house and help Naina.

How will Naina react? Will she accept her marriage with Thakur?

We buzzed Sukirti but she remained unavailable for comment.

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