Palak WINS over Ritwik’s dirty tactics in Dil Hi Toh Hai


MUMBAI: Sony TV’s Dil Hi Toh Hai is already winning hearts in its early weeks. The daily soap which stars Karan Kundra as Ritwik Noon and newbie Yogita Bihani as Palak is going strong with its storyline.

In the upcoming episode, Palak will find out from other employees that the washroom went under maintenance, a decision taken by Ritwik. Consequently, she will get furious and decide to teach him a lesson. The lady will barge into men’s washroom leaving all the employees shocked. This step of hers will be followed by a heavy brawl between the two that will take place in the lavatory.

Ritwik will blame her that she is upset with him because of the kiss. To this Palak would argue and confess that she hates him but she is just here for work and has no interest in him or his money. Furthermore, a scientist in the office would start chocking and the entire office will panic. That is when Palak will come and rescue him. The scientist will get impressed by her and ask her to show her research on the new medicine by the next day.

Ritwik will be completely unaware of the fact that Palak saved the chief scientist’s life. He will make a dirty plan to ensure that she doesn’t reach the office the next day.

So, the other day, before the presentation, a construction worker will spill paint all over Palak as per Ritwik’s dirty plan. He would then challenge her to reach the meeting within 30 minutes. Palak will accept his challenge and indeed reach on time. She will give her presentation on time and explain the formula.

Consequently, Ritwik will be miffed and accuse Palak for using her charms on the chief scientist.

Well, that’s really interesting! What happens further is something you’ll get to know in the upcoming episodes.

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