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Azaad saves Mahira from getting shock by the open electricity wire. He has super natural powers and gets to Mahira in time. He holds her hand and pulls her back. Offscreen Mahira says she came at night to study the moon, why did Azaad come. Offscreen Azaad jokes that he is her savior and he has come to save her. She says this is her first scene and hero is saving the heroine.

Mahira sits in the garden to see the sky and stars by the telescope. Mahira gets surrounded by problems. The reporter says Mahira is always in problems. Offscreen Mahira says its illogical scene but funny. Azaad has bad evil powers in him and Fake Sanam is hunting for the one who has 8 written on his hand. Azaad is the vampire who turns to be Mahira’s savior.

Mahira’s step sisters are her enemies, who makes hot tea fall on her hand. The reporter says Mahira can enjoy her 5th or 6th new look. Off she says she is loud and thinks she is smart, she is not a fool. Azaad comes there and sees the open wire near her and saves her in time. Keep reading.

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