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Reporter says Aahil, Sunehri, Tanveer, Khala and Khalu are in the same auto and enjoying. Is this a magic? Today they are shooting a scene. They came out to find Sanam. Sanam is following them. Sanam shouts his name and tries to make herself heard. Aahil does not see her, and Sanam fails to reach Aahil.

Sanam says Aahil didn’t hear her. Aahil says I don’t know that you are sanam. Reporter says they have gone mad sitting in an auto. Aaja meri gaadi me bait ja…….plays………..They have enjoying riding an auto. Sanam is taking Aahil to lover’s point. Aahil calls her sexy dhanno.

Aahil asks her to take him to lover’s point as his lover is waiting for him. Sanam jokes that she will charge by meter. Aahil asks Sanam what you will do with me. Sanam tells him that she has one demand and asks him to organize her meeting with Sanam. Aahil jokes saying you looks exactly like Sanam.

After the shoot, Aahil drives the auto and took everyone for an auto ride. Seher’s car will be blasted, but luckily she will be safe. Keep reading.

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