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Reporter says, you have seen Sita and Gita film, a similar twist is shown in the show. Sunehri and Sanam have become Sita and Gita. Golmaal Hain………….plays while Sunehri changes the glass surprising Aahil and Tanveer.

Reporter says, since Sunehri came inplace of Sanam, she does golmaal surprising Aahil and Tanveer. All the family members were having dinner when Sunehri created this faluda confusion. She asks everyone to give their glasses and changes it.

Aahil says I have gone mad thinking what she is doing. She does Faluda’s tandav. Sunehri says they have mixed poison in my food so I made them eat the poison as I am Sunehri. The scene is shown. Sunehri laughs. Reporter says Khalu can be saved by God but the real planner is Tanveer.

Tanveer says, as she gets blind, she has to demand on Khala and Khalu. Reporter says Surbi couldn’t stop eating after the shoot. we hope Sunheri realizes right and wrong soon. Keep reading.

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