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Aahil is very much angry and wants to break everything. He slips by the candle stand and gets shocked. Tanveer wants to burn her bahu Sanam. Tanveer says she has planted bomb in Sanam’s dupatta and it is filled with explosives. Sanam will be wearing her death and now Sanam is human bomb now.

Offscreen, Tanveer says she does not know Sanam is Sunehri and she wants to take her sign on property papers. She failed to explode the car so she has attached bomb to her dupatta. Dilshad speaks up and saves Sanam from putting the fire by water. Tanveer tells about her big earrings and blue saree.

She shows different saree and she will change her look. The reporter says, there are many truths and lies in the show. He asks to see how Sanam and Sunehri find themselves and Tanveer gets exposed. He says we have to see Aahil’s anger out in his reaction on knowing Sunehri in Sanam’s place.

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