Raghav escapes a ‘FATAL’ accident in Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil!

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And this accident had been plotted by none other than Veer…

Dadi’s arrest because of Chanchal’s misunderstanding has already led to a lot of chaos in Naina and Raghav’s life in Star Plus show Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil.

After the court case drama gets over, the show will present another intriguing sequence in Raghav’s life. Veer, who has been accepted back in the Mehra house will resume work soon and as a part of Raghav’s daily duties, he will have to drop Veer to the office everyday. But on this unfortunate day, the car will suddenly break down while on their way. Veer would not like to waste time and before proceeding to work, he will ask Raghav to get it repaired.

How inconsiderate is what you think? Wait till you hear what this nasty jerk does next!

In order to see what the problem is, Raghav will fix a jack to the car in order to lift it and will go beneath the car. Suddenly Veer would renter the scene and will loosen the jack to harm Raghav.

It is scary to even think of the repercussions of the accident it can cause!

But our hero will be saved with a sudden call from Naina. As soon as he will step out the car to answer her call, the jack will break causing the car to hit the ground with a minor blast.

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