Raj Bhattacharyya on his bond with his little daughter


KOLKATA: Raj Bhattacharyya, who has been a part of soaps like Dweep Jwele Jai and Aamar Durga, recently shared a few pictures of his little daughter on Facebook. In the photos, the father–daughter duo looks super adorable. business degrees got in touch with the actor to know more about their bond. Here are some excerpts.

On being a father to a daughter, Raj said, ‘I feel once a baby comes in life, the meaning of life changes for every parent. There are more responsibilities. And if it is a baby girl, especially for us fathers, it’s a different feeling. When I first saw my daughter at the nursing home, I myself was young and I couldn’t believe that I have become a father to a little girl.’

‘Now, she is growing up. She is around seven years old… I cannot express how a little kid has brought so many changes in my life,’ he added.

The actor enjoys the little things of life that fatherhood has brought.

He shared, ‘Now, she is able to wear her own clothes, but there was a time when she was unable to do so. During that phase, when her mother used to be busy with other stuff and I used to have a day off, I used to make her ready for her school. These little things give you a different happiness.’

Who is strict with the little one: the mother or the father? Raj said that while he fulfills his daughter’s cute demands, his wife disciplines her.

‘Her mother takes care of her education, cultivates the dos and don’ts in her, and disciplines her. And when her mother is not around, we, father–daughter, indulge in all the fun activities. She says, “Papa, let’s do drawing, let’s do this, let’s do that.” Whenever I return from shooting, she does kick-boxing with me. Seeing my daughter, all my stress disappears,’ said the actor.

The Bengali television actor further shared that now that his daughter is growing up, a lot of restrictions are being put on him by her.

He said affectionately, ‘Now, my daughter hides my cigarette; sometimes, she even throws the packet away. If I return home late, she asks why. The way she asks, it is a different feeling. I don’t know how to express what I feel….’

‘The bond between a father and a daughter is different. My daughter fights with me and, the very next moment, brings a chocolate and tells me, “Papa, eat this chocolate.” And there will come a day when I will become old. She will leave her father’s home and go to a different house. That will again be a different feeling…,’ he added emotionally.

Raj also shared a photo of the birthday gift that he received from his daughter. His little one wrote ‘Happy Birthday’ on the note and drew a fish on it. On this, Raj said, ‘This is the best gift that I have received on my birthday. She drew it herself. It is so strange that I am a Piscean and my daughter drew a fish for me.’

Check the image below!

On the work front, Raj is currently playing key roles in serials such as Shubho Drishti and Rani Rashmoni.

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