Raja to find out about Rani’s fake memory loss in Ek Tha Raja…


Zee TV’s Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani (Sphereorigins) is gearing up with an exciting twist in its show.
As per the ongoing episodes, Rani (Eisha Singh) is faking about having lost her memory in front of Raj (Sarrtaj Gill), in order to find out the truth about his family.
On the other hand, Raj is trying all the means to find out if Rani is lying to him.
Soon, in the coming episodes, Rani will realize that Raja has figured out that she has not lost her memory and hence she will speed up her plan. She would go to Raja’s house and bring the album that has the old pictures. When Rani’s mom Sunanda (Dolly Sohi) will see those pictures she would be deeply affected and this is when Rani will get to know Sunanda’s side of the story. She would tell Rani that Raj and his family are responsible for her father’s death.
Rani would get shocked as she will have two versions of the story, one that Raja shared with her and the other that Sunanda told her.
Later, Rani will take her mom to the room where Raja’s sister and mother were kept but to their surprise they will not be found. As Raja will happen to hear Sunanda and Rani’s conversation, he will secretly send away his mother and sister.
Will Rani learn about her mother’s truth?
We called Eisha but she remained unavailable to comment.

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