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Meera cries on Dharam’s death, she says my Dharam is dead, I am responsible for this, I killed my Dharamji, how would I live now? I did everything with my hands, Gopi asks Meera to control herself.

reporter says, Meera is crying incoherently, Dharam’s body is burning infront infront of her, Kokila’s family is crying and Gora is angry on everyone, this is all happening as per Gora’s family, twist is that Gora have fooled everyone, she has trapped Kokila’s family, there is no body in pyre, Dharam’s body was replaced and Gora burns fake body, she doesn’t allow anyone to go near Dharam’s pyre. Meera thinks this is Gora’s trick and Dharam is not dead so Hora shows her Dharam’s dead face.

Off-screen Meera says, Gora have shown Dharam’s face to everyone and has burned him so there i no chance to doubt her. Kokila says Gora wont understand anything, she has gone beyond redemption, the only solution is that God and time will show her right path.

Reporter says this trick of Gora will put Kokila’s family in trouble, Meera is ready to go to jail.

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