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Kokila is eating bhajiya one after another. She fought with Gopi and everyone and came out of house to eat. A beggar comes, Kokila hits her with sipper. The beggar hits her back and shoves her in the lake water.
Gopi was keeping an eye on Kokila. She takes her out of water. Kokila says leave me alone.

On the other hand, An iron was about to fall on Dharam’s hand, it was Gauri’s plan. Durga comes and saves Dharma. Gauri says you did this Durga, you wanted to harm him. Vidiya comes to rescue Durga. Gaura was about to slap Vidiya, Vidiya stops her hand and says stay in your limits.

Off screen: Kokila says I was not like this. Time has made her like this. Durga says my mother in law did this.

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