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On-screen Kokila says to Gora that I am folding my hands, sitting on my knees and asking forgiveness from you, nobody will come between friends now, she sits in Gora’s feet, Gora asks her to get getup.

Reporter says, Kokila said sorry to Gora by sitting in her feet but the question is how this happened? how Kokila agreed that her family is wrong and Gora is right? she stopped her family from interfering. Gopi was just shocked seeing all this.

On-screen Kokila says to Gora that my family did mistake, I tried to make them understand but they didn’t listen. My Gopi Bahu was wrong, my Ahem, Jigar, Mota Bhai, Bhabhi, my husband, all were wrong and Meera was wrong too.

Off-screen Gopi says, I am also not liking this, i am feeling helpless, should I tell her how to behave as she is mother in law? she always used to ask me to behave like good daughter in law and now time has come that i should tell Kokila to behave, i am not liking her new avatar, I don’t know what Gora has done to her, something is fishy with her.

Reporter says Kokila is changed, her hairs are unpinned, she is wearing shimmering saree and loud make up as Sona and Sahil’s wedding reception is going on.

Off-screen Kokila says that I am changed, Kokila thinks that sacrificed her whole life for her family, now its time to live for herself that’s why she is doing make up, wearing colorful sarees and will do things which she didn’t earlier.

Off-screen Gopi says, Kokila came to me and invited me for reception herself, she gave me saree too which is same as hers. Meera says, I am happy to see them like this but we all are shocked that Gora and Kokila’s attire is exactly same and we didn’t expect that and then she said sorry to Gora.

Reporter says all are shocked in house as they think its Kokila who is doing all this but they don’t know that Its Kokila’s duplicate, only Gopi’s mother knows about it, though duplicate sacred her.

On-screen Gopi’s mother says to Kokila’s duplicate that Kokila doesn’t call girls from parlour to get ready for function, duplicate says I don’t care if she doesn’t call them but I like to be dolled up and I will handle this family in such a way that they will now get idea that I am not real Kokila, don’t forget I am very dangerous.

Off-screen Kokila says, Gopi’s mother can’t rule over me, I told her off to not mess with me.

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