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Paridhi takes Gopi’s hand and shoves her out of house. ahem had already asked her to leave Urmi house. Gopi is homeless now. Pari said the woman whom her husband and daughters don’t want any relationship with, can not stay here. I wont let you stay here and interfere in my house. Gopi says this is my house as well. Pari said this is not your house, neither your family.

This was actually a plan of Pari and tolu molu. They want her to go back to urmi house, so she can get closer to raman.

off screen: Gopi says I have no roof over my head. I don’t know why she did this to me. Maybe she has get to of ruling the house. Pari says I have managed house and kids for 10 years, so to get the credit i kicked her out. Gopi says at the end of the day, everything will be okay. Pari says this is our plan we want ahem, meera and vidiya to live here. If i kick her out, they only option she will have is urmi house. Ahem will let her live there when he gets to know about what i did to her.

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