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Radha has played her new trick. When entire family enters a room, Radha has captivated urmi there. She is roped to a chair and her mouth closed with a tape. Everyone is shocked. They release her. Gopi says please release my daughters. Rahda says bow down to me. Radha bows down, Ahem holds her and says what5 are you doing. Gopi says I want my daughters at any cost. Radha asks Gopi to touch her feet. Ahem gets angry but Gopi stops her. Radha says you better stay out of all this. Ahem says you are forgetting your limits.

Radha says, I have to play my games. I thought urmi has died so I was quite for some time but now when i know she is alive I won’t leave them all. Kokila says, we scared Radha but she scared her even more.

Radha has demanded Jigar, she will only release Mira and Vidya only when she gets Jigar.

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