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Jigar and Praidhi are finally getting married. He fills her hairline, makes her wait wedding locket and garland. Reporter says, Jigar has got that offer buy one get one free. Jigar had to marry Paridhi but he ended up marrying Radha. Radha was taking the seven rounds with them.

Jigar says, since Rashi has gone my last has become a blast. So here is the biggest one. I have got to wives when I can’t even handle one. I want my Rashi back.
Radha says, I planned all this from house. I enjoyed taking the rounds.

Radha dressed paridhi up. She placed a pin in her dupatta so weak that it fell when Praidhi stood up for the rounds. Radha joint them in the rounds saying that she is just holding Paridhi’s dupatta.

Jigar says, they both will make my life hell. I know nothing good will ever happen in my life again.

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