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Everyone is playing garba in Modi family. Suddenly the dance stops. Gopi clambers in a the secret room of Gaura’s house. Gopi sees Gaura’s brother’s photo with a garland. She is dazed. Gopi is confused as Gaura told them he is alive. Gopi says why did she lie to us? When Gopi comes back Dharam changed the photo with Gaura’s husband.
They ask why you put Sindur? Gaura says because my son dharam wants to see me that way.
Kokila says stop it Gopi. This is not karunish’s photo. Kokila says Gopi you never lie but at the end of the day you are human. Dharam says if you don’t trust us then halt this wedding right now.

Off screen: Dharam says she is confused as I changed the photo. Kokila says Gopi is not believing anything. I gave her benefit of doubt but she is worried for her daughter. Kokila says there is no proof as such.

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