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Paridhi is throwing things in her room, she cries and is frustrated. Her father comes and consoles her.

Reporter says, when daughter is crying and husband is not around then Father can console her only. Paridhi is crying blood tears after marrying Jigar and father is giving her confidence to fight with situation.

On-screen Her father says to Paridhi that he can do anything but lawfully he is your husband and you have right on him.

Reporter says, Paridhi thought that after marrying Jigar, her life will be set but little did she know that she will have to mourn over Radha’s name.

Off-screen Paridhi says, from the time Paridhi has come in the show, she has tried everything of how to impress Jigar and how to get him but finally she got Jigar, even then he is not hers.

Reporter says, one side Paridhi is cribbing that her sindoor (vermillion) has more value and other side Radha is saying same, Both want to control Jigar.

0ff-screen Paridhi is with Radha, she says, ek chutki Sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano Jigs babu. Paridhi says Radha is confused, she has applied sindoor many a times. Radha says, Paridhi will have to face difficulties now.

Reporter says, whether Jigar will love Radha or Paridhi after marriage, it is yet to be known but Paridhi warns that please audience protect your husband, boyfriend from Paridhi as she can marry anyone, she can do anything.

Reporter says, we will see who will get love of Jigar.

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