Sanjeeda Sheikh joins the millionaire club on Twitter


We live in a world where virtual presence matters more to people than real. Each one of us take on to social media for various reasons, but most of us use these platforms to stay connected.

The entertainment industry is known for engaging with its fans through social platforms. Television diva Sanjeeda Sheikh recently made her way into the “1 million Twitter followers” club along with some of her fellow television peers who have been enjoying a heavy followers list for a while now.

The petite stunner has been a part of television series like Ishq Ka Rang Safed and Love Ka Hai Intezar among others. Courtesy to her pretty face and immense talent, Sanjeeda has a huge fan base.

business degree took the opportunity to congratulate her on this occasion. When asked how she feels about crossing this milestone on Twitter, the actress cheerily replied, “Initially I was an Instagram buff but, gradually I realized that Twitter is very interesting so, I started posting pictures on Twitter too. Twitter has also so many other options. I don’t read newspaper everyday so whatever news I get to see on Twitter, is news for me. Achieving one million on Twitter is a great thing and I am feeling quite good about it.”

“I would want one million to turn into two million very soon and I would like to say to my fans that keep loving me and liking my tweets and pictures. I promise to be very regular on Twitter from now,” she excitedly added.

We further asked the lovely actress as how she is planning to share the happiness with her followers. She told us, “I am not in Mumbai these days so, I am planning to make a video for all my Twitter followers once I will be back in town.”

Congratulations again and way to go Sanjeeda!

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