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Sarojini reaches Somendra. Mannu aims the gun at Sarojini, while Sarojini aims at Mannu. Aa dekhe zara………..plays……….. Sarojini and Manisha has come face to face. Offscreen Somendra thinks I m caught between them, and Sarojini’s father in law will also think her bahus are dangerous than him. Offscreen Sarojini says we both are Jhansi ki rani.

Offscreen Mannu says we will kill Somendra. Offscreen Sarojini jokes that Somendra is not coming to any of us. Dushyant asks Sarojini to shoot Mannu. The reporter says Sangram Singh will pose danger to Sarojini, poor girl is caught in big trap. Somendra hugs Sarojini. Sarojini shoots Mannu to save Somendra. Mannu gets killed. Sarojini regrets to kill her. Keep reading.

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