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Manu is trying to woo Somendra and dances with him forcibly. Dil Deewana song plays…………………Somendra too dances with him and acts like Salman Khan. Manu is in his embrace and is trying to trap him in her love. She dresses like an angel and dances on the song Chocolate, lime juice song. Sangram Singh has kidnapped all the family members during Manu’s godbharayi rasam and asks Somendra to be with Manu.

Somendra is acting to love Manu to bring out her truth that she has acted to be pregnant with Somendra’s child. Then Nirjhara calls the Police and asks him to save them. When Sangram singh points gun at family, Somendra points gun on Manu. Finally Sangram singh tries to Manu from there. Keep reading.

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