Shakti: Harman slaps Soumya with divorce papers


Colors’ popular daily Shakti is known for its drama in each passing episode. Now in the upcoming episodes, another drama is set to unfold in the daily.

According to the upcoming track, Harman (Vivien D’Sena) will fume with rage due to Preeto (Kamya Punjabi)’s fault. The lady will go out and tell Harman’s friend about the ongoing tussle between the couple. When Harman will come to know about this, it won’t go down well with him.

The viewers are well aware of Harman’s temperament issues and just how he behaves when angry, Harman will barge into the room and will start flipping the decor. But if you think this is all, there is a shocking twist for Harman will do something which the audience will least expect. We all know how much the man loves Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) but this time, he will shoot divorce papers at her.

We all know how composed Soumya is as a being and she will take this situation in no bad spirit. She will tear the papers in front of the whole family and Harman. Soumya will be persistent about her stance over not dissolving the matrimony.

What will happen henceforth, is something the viewers will get to know once the episode airs.

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