Sneha Wagh suspended mid-air for 10 hours while shooting for Chandragupta Maurya


MUMBAI: Sneha Wagh, who plays the role of Mura in historical show Chandragupta Maurya, believes in taking risks.

The actress shot for a sequence where she was suspended mid-air for ten hours. The scene was shot for two days and she tolerated the harsh sun among other hurdles that came her way. The scene was very difficult and even left her hands bruised.

Sneha spoke to a leading publication and said that it was a very difficult sequence where you will see her hanging mid-air with her hands tied above her head. According to the story, Dhanananda is punishing Mura, whom he suspects to have carried out a theft.

Although the production asked her to use a body double as they had planned on shooting this sequence for two days, Sneha took it as a challenge and decided to do it herself. She said that it was hard to hang in the air with your hands tied to a pole. After completing the sequence, everyone on the sets congratulated her for completing the shoot successfully without using a double.

‘I would give in anything required and possible in my capacity for my work,’ she said.

Well done, Sneha!

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