Spoiler alert: Human trafficking in &TV’s Waaris

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Loyal viewers of &TV’s Waaris (Viniyard Films) gear up to witness another high-voltage drama wherein the protagonist Amba (Aarti Singh) will fall prey to the sensitive issue of human trafficking.

We have already informed readers that Amba has lost her memory and is behaving like a 20 year old girl. Now, Manu (Saniya Touqeer) has learnt about her mother’s memory loss and has decided to save Amba from the evil motives of Sushila (Bhavna Balsaver)

In the upcoming episode, Amba’s brother-in-law Jagan (Akshay Dogra) will sell her (Amba) to a man. However, she will not be aware about Jagan’s nasty plan.

Meanwhile, Jai (Ashish Kapoor) and Manu will discover about Jagan’s heinous act and they will attempt to rescue Amba. There will be a huge fight sequence between Jagan and Jai.

What will happen next? Will Amba learn about Jagan’s vivacious plans?
Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach Aarti Singh for a comment.

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