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Suhani and family are busy in party. Yuvraj dances with Suhani, they are enjoying.

Reporter says, party has started in Birla house, and will go on. The credit for party goes to Suhani who took charge of Brila house and managed their business so well that all can enjoy partying.

Reporter says, Suhani’s mother in law didn’t forget to give credit to her daughter in law, she announced Suhani caretaker of house infront of all.

Reporter says, suhani was so happy that she was dancing with Yuvraj onscreen and with Sharad offscreen, she was given company by good friend Soumya, who was dancing standing far.

Reporter says onscreen, Soumya has come in party in anger, Suhani forgot to invite her in party, but Suhani can solve all problems, she will pacify her friend too.

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