Sunny is that brand that I have built for a long time: Sunny Leone


I stumbled upon the fortuity of chatting at length with the phenomenon called Sunny Leone during one of the press interviews arranged for Spiltsvilla Catch your Match season, where she was busy giving video bytes and answering one question after the other without a trace of exasperation on her countenance. She was in a feminine, knee length frock with very little make up, her hair a little tousled, she was a far cry from the Bollywood siren we all love (or hate but that depends on who you ask) when we were face to face for our interview, for me, a breath of fresh air to meet the lady yet again behind India’s most provocative brand. Excerpts from the interview:
Who is Sunny Leone? What is that brand?
Well, Sunny’s that brand that I have built for a long time. I sit solo and scrutinise it, she is like an alter-ego! When I am in front of the camera or in front of a crowd, I change. It is like a human reaction for me to be her, especially when I am around people. My mind is automatically conditioned to behave or react in a certain way.
You and Daniel make an amazing couple. What worked for you? Head or the Heart?
I think when you find your life partner, you have to use both. Because everything needs to make sense and then see if they’re going to make sense or it’s not going to make sense. You know, you either are on the same page as far as in your head goes or you’re not. And when you’re not is I think you end up having a lot more issues. I got lucky and married my best friend so it’s both head and heart.
Are you a practical lover or a dreamy one?
I don’t really know what Practical lover means. You cannot be in love with somebody and have to think so much about whether it’s practical or not. If you’re asking me if I like romance, I am a woman and every women loves romance.
So if you were given a chance to experiment in a lab. What are the 3 qualities or ingredients you’d mix for your ideal man?
Someone who’s really smart, someone who is physically fit because I live in a crazy world and I have got to keep up and someone that loves your family.
What brings you back to Splitsvilla for the 4th time?
What brings me back is my love for MTV and Splitsvilla. Splitsvilla is one of my favourite shows, actually my favorite. Among the things to do all year, I look forward to Splitsvilla because it is nice to be in one spot for 30 days because I am always travelling but beyond that it’s fun working with Rannvijay and everyone. You watch these kids that come in, you watch them the first day and the last day of the show and they are completely different people so it’s amazing.

The theme for the latest season is ‘Catch your Match’. What do you think about it?
I love this whole scientific matching and you know figuring out if you are compatible with somebody based on not just the heart but chemical attractions and thinking about so many different things. So I like the concept that they’ve come up with. It’s very different and unique like a science experiment

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