SuVan’s had their favorite food on their date cooked by Shubha Saxena


Sony Entertainment love saga Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 has reached a point where Suman and Shravan has finally confessed their love for each other. Our beloved jodi of Suvan, as the fans call their favorite duo of Suman and Shravan, will also be seen facing hardships on the way of their love. In the upcoming episodes viewers will witness how the families come to know about them and vow to keep them apart. But the show holds a bigger twist and audiences will soon see a change in the storyline of the show.

In an upcoming sequence it would be shown that Suman and Shravan have a quite date on Suman’s terrace where both are seeing enjoying each other’s company. They decide to make their own personal corner in the house and engraves on the wall ‘Suvan’. In the upcoming sequence Shravan will be seen getting a special dish for Suman. They requested Suman’s on-screen mother played by Shubha Saxena to cook food for them for this sequence as, both Kanikka and Mohit loves the food cooked by Shuba. Shubha agreed to their request, she did not only cook for both of them, but she cooked food for the entire cast. Her delightful gesture was appreciated by everyone present on the set.

Mohit while expressing his gratitude towards Shuba said “I love the food which Subha cooks. Since me and Kanikka always tell her how much we love the food she cooks. She always makes sure she gets some extra food for us on the sets whenever she cooks. She is an amazing cook , she exactly knows the right amount of ingredients that needs to be used in a dish. When we got to know to that there is a sequence where we would be having a late dinner date, we requested shuba if she can get the food for the sequence and being sweetheart, she immediately agreed. But the best part was she did not cook only for us, but she cooked for everyone which was really sweet of her.”

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