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Bajirao Mastani has come in Swaragini. Ranvir performs in the show to promote his film. Deepika is also with him. They take selfies with the cast. Deewani ho gai…… selfie lele re………….plays……….. The reporter says Swara has become Deewani for Ranvir and Sanskaar is Deewana for Deepika. The moment was full on filmi. Ranvir and Deepika came to make moment colorful. Swara and Ragini take selfie with Ranvir. Offscreen Ragini says she is glad seeing Ranvir. Swara shows the selfies she took.

The reporter says Sanskaar takes selfie with Ranvir. Sanskaar’s real wife comes on the set as she is big fan of Deepika. Bajirao has saved Sanskaar’s life in the show. Swara comes to convince Sanskaar. The goons attack Sanskaar. Bajirao and Mastani teach Swara the love lesson. Offscreen Swara thinks she loves Sanskaar and is dependent on him. she hopes she patches up with Sanskaar. Ragini is wearing Burqa and are after them. The reporter says they won everyone’s heart by coming on the sets.

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