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Ragini stops Laksh and hugs him. Laksh and Ragini have a sweet moment. Laksh is confessing love to Ragini. Ragini cries and hugs him. the reporter says it seems he has forgot Swara now. He is writing a new love story with Ragini. Aaj phir tumpe pyaar aaya hai…. Plays……….Offscreen Ragini says its new thing for Laksh.

The reporter says it was romantic scene, with candles in the room. Laksh’s hand burns by the candles and then Ragini’s dupatta catches fire. She calls for help. Laksh blows off the fire by his hand.

Ragini gets shocked and understands he loves her. Offscreen Laksh says fire is necessary in scene. The reporter says this fire has lit love between Laksh and Ragini. Tumpe apna banane ka……………..plays…………Offscreen Laksh thanks Ragini for being a good co actor, she is very talented. Reporter says Ragini can think this is dream as Laksh will not love her so soon. Keep reading.

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