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Reporter says Laksh is getting married to Ragini. Laksh sits in mandap with the bride. The twist is the bride is someone else. Ragini comes and stops Laksh. She says the bride is someone else. Reporter says the bride is Kavya. The dreams are broken. Laksh has chosen someone else as his life partner. Laksh and Ragini exchanged garlands before. Swara and Sanskaar took wedding rounds. Laksh took the seven rounds with someone else.

Ragini is shocked seeing this, that Laksh did not do mistake. Laksh did this intentionally. Laksh has given divorce to Ragini and started giving wife place to Kavya. Offscreen Laksh says yes, I did not forgive Ragini, its all fair in love and war. Its hungama that bride changed. There were many retakes for this scene. Viewers will get more drama to see, as this Laksh became angry young man. Keep reading.

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