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Ragini is having rest while making other work. The reporter says Ragini’s misbehavior is getting high. She has thrown water on Annapurna’s face and also the dusting cloth. She insults Annapurna. Offscreen Ragini says yes, I m bad and I will insult them. The reporter says Sanskaar and Laksh also insult Ragini. Sanskaar says it was getting worse, she can’t insult his family.

Sanskaar throws water on Ragini. Ragini says she will give him an answer. She throws the things and spoils the floor, asking Annapurna to clean it. Offscreen Ragini says she sleeps late night and does not get time to sleep, so she has talent that she sleeps on the set. The reporter says Sanskaar and Laksh got together to stand against Ragini, lets see the brothers win or Ragini. Ragini does manicure done by ruling the house. Keep reading.

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