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Ragini gets a makeover and insults Durga Prasad. This is her new Avatar. Gulaabi song plays….She makes Laksh serve her food. She sits on the head of family’s chair and eats the food. She treats Laksh as her servant. Durga Prasad gave her wealth and house keys to Ragini. Later Durga Prasad comes to have food and is about to sit on the chair, but Ragini stops him and sits on his chair instead.

She is angry at Laksh and asks him to serve the food. Laksh says I didn’t think that she will treat me like her servant. Dadi is also staying with Ragini and treating family members badly. Swara is very sad at the happenings and shares with her plan. Laksh says Swara is confused and doesn’t know she is in love with Laksh or Sanskar. Keep reading.

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