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Annapurna goes to kill Rajat and Uttara gets shot. Ragini and everyone come there. They stop Rajat. Rajat takes Swara and leaves from there. Swara gets kidnapped. Reporter says its high voltage drama, and family is giving full tension expressions. The family is trying hard to give tension expressions, but everyone is in masti mood offscreen.

Offscreen Sanskaar says I have gone after Rajat, then police came. Offscreen Swara says I could not go. They laugh. Reporter says Swara is kidnapped and Parineeta is back in wounded state. Rajat will try to kill Swara, and a new entry will be joining the show. Anuj Sachdeva may be that new entry. Reporter says lets see does the family save Swara or any new twist comes with new entry. Keep reading.

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