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Ragini is shocked seeing her inlaws scolding her mum. Sujata scolds Sumi as she knows about her pregnancy. She says society will taunt them, and says your age is to become Nani and not to become a mum. She says I asked you to tell your daughters to start their family, but you have started your own. Sumi doesn’t know if she should cry or be happy.

Ragini couldn’t tell anything infront of Annapurna and Sujata, but she determines to play the role of a daughter. She thinks to make her inlaws understand the situation. Swara and Ragini are super happy with their mum’s pregnancy news. Swara says she is very much happy. It will be interesting to see if Swaragini gets a baby sister or brother. While Sumi thinks to abort her child, Ragini refused to let her abort baby. Keep reading.

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