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Twinkle is trying to tie dori of her saree but can’t, Kunj comes there and helps her tying it, she smiles and turns to see that its her imagination. Reporter says, Twinkle was waiting for confession of love.

Twinkle and Kunj are seen getting close to confess their love. Reporter says to make this day special, Twinkle have changed her style, she is looking different in saree.

Off-screen Reporter asks Kunj how is Twinkle looking? Kunj says she is looking good, Twinkle asks if she is not looking nice n saree? he says looking good, Twinkle says I love sarees but it makes you look like aunty, Kunj says young Aunty. Kunj says we are trying to confess our love, Twinkle says but every story has villain, we have Yuvi in your story.

Reporter says, they have moment so they should confess and start new life but as we all know sadness come in serials quickly.

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