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Lohdi came in Twinkle’s house, and accusations and troubles have come in. Anita, Leela and Twinkle give tashan to each other. Anita blames Leela, and tries to slap her, but Twinkle comes and holds her hand asking how dare she to blame her mum. Anita is upto some conspiracy while the function goes on. Twinkle says she wants to protect her mum. Anita says her character can’t want anything nice. Offscreen they are good friends.

Twinkle is punjabi in real life too and celebrates Lohdi celebrations. She tells about the function and says it is a family festival. Reporter asks what she wants to burn in the lohdi fire. Twinkle says she wants to lower her anger. Leela jokes that she wants to burn her weight if she could. Anita says she wants to burn her over sensitivity and laughs. Keep reading.

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