The best part about Rajasthan is food and its people: Prapti Chatterjee


“To travel is to live.” ― Hans Christian Andersen

It’s an apt quote to realize the value of travelling because travel not just breaks the monotony of life but also teaches a lot about it. Recently, the beautiful television actress Prapti Chatterjee, who played the female lead in the soap Ei Cheleta Bhelbheleta, made a trip to the mesmerizing locales of Rajasthan and the trip turned out to be very spiritual for her. After making the rejuvenating trip, she returned to her city, Kolkata last Tuesday. In a special interview with business degree, the actress spoke about her Rajasthan voyage. Read on-

Prapti, who has also been part of dailies like Rajjotok and Chokher Bali, shared, “Amazing 15 days it was. Royal Bliss! I spent my Christmas as well as New Year over there. We started from Jaipur, then visited Udaipur, then Jaisalmer, then Jodhpur, then Sawai Madhav, then Forest Safari in Ranthambhore Forest and then back to Jaipur airport and Kolkata. We covered almost all of Rajasthan. I must have climbed six-eight forts and palaces. We travelled three and a half thousand kilometres over a stretch of nine days. Like we travelled over night and all day but none of it was tedious. There is so much to see in Rajasthan. We went on desert safaris, forest safaris and then made the palace tours. The best part was the hotels. All the old heritage properties have been turned into beautiful hotels.”

When asked what did she like the most about Rajasthan, the actress who made the trip along with her friends, said, “Of course, the food! OMG! Be it vegetarian dishes or non-vegetarian dishes; traditional cuisine or multi- cuisine….food in Rajasthan is to die for. I went all traditional. I tried Gatte Ki Sabzi, Dal Baati Churma, Ker Sangri, Laal Maas, Achari Machli and the street food. Street food at Ajmer Sharif and Pushkar was the best.”

“I also liked the people of Rajasthan. They are very friendly. This trip somehow also turned out to be very spiritual,” she added.

Spiritual in what sense, we asked to which she replied, “We had no plans to go to Ajmer and but we went. There we offered the ceremonial chadar. We also performed puja at Pushkar and then at Tanot Mata’s temple. We visited a lot of holy places.”

So, did the trip teach her something on a personal level? “Well, not like that but the kind of things that I never thought I would do like I never expected myself to go to Pushkar on a trip with friends and make a proper offering to the Gods. So, yeah, spiritual in that way!” said the actress.

When asked about the places she has covered so far in India and abroad and her dream destinations, revealing her bucket list she shared, “Not much. I’m not very well travelled I have covered almost the whole of North Bengal. I have been to Punjab and the whole of Himachal. I have also been to Odisha, Goa and Rajasthan. My dream is to visit Pondicherry, Bahamas, Netherlands, Budapest, Greece and on top of everything else…. North Carolina.”

Talking about the teachings of travels, the pretty lady opined, “travelling actually shows you the value of your daily belongings. I mean when you hit the road you miss home.”

Lastly, when we asked about her favourite travel quote, she answered signing off, “My favourite quote would be, “Travelling is the only way to Escape without Exiting”.

Best wishes for your next trips, Prapti!

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