This ‘lead’ actor LEAVES the show for two weeks..!

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The actor is forced to leave the show for a short period of time..

A daily soap cannot ideally run with its lead actor being absent for a longer span of time. The viewers of the show would want to keep watching their favorite actor on-screen every day.

However, we have come across several instances, where the leads of a show take short breaks or holidays and the track of the show is adjusted accordingly.

Amidst all of them, actors Karan Patel and Divyanka Tripathi are recent examples. However, big shows do have an ensemble cast to cope up for the absence; but what about the relatively smaller shows with a smaller cast? They may face a fix when the lead is not available, right?

According to a leading news daily, actor Sandeep Anand aka Saajan from ‘May I Come In Madam?’ will be on a two-week leave, where he will be visiting his hometown in Ujjain. However, while he was planning to take offs and go for a trip to his hometown, this visit will be rather indefinite.

Wonder why? It is because the actor’s grandmother, who is 97 years old has not been keeping well. Hence, the actor has to indefinitely leave and will be off for two weeks.

Though it puts the makers in a fix, as the show rides upon Sandeep, they have tried to accommodate his leave and change the track.

We hope the actor’s grandmother gets well soon..!

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