TV actresses and their ‘weird obsessions’


You think you’re the only one who is obsessed with cleanliness, or you’re the only one who has a fixed side on the bed? Wait before you say yes.
Did you ever think about what your favourite TV actress is obsessed with? Well, fret not because we at spoke to some of our much loved actresses to know what they obsess about!
Check them out:
Delnaaz Irani: I have an obsession of cleaning cupboards. I need everything to be in the perfect place as I had kept it. Even if my hairbrush somehow goes from the left side to the right side of my dressing table, it will bother me. I also spend a lot of time checking if the lights are off, the gas is off and if I have locked my main door properly. It gets irritating for others because I keep them waiting. But it’s just my thing. It’s sort of an OCD.
Debina Bonnerjee: I am obsessed with organic food. This obsession started two years ago and has increased to a level where I make sure my family too, eats everything organic. Right from sugar, butter, milk, mangoes to rice, cheese, and even water! I did extreme research about it, and it is quite difficult to find authentic organic food in stores here. But I make sure that my kitchen has nothing but organic food items!
Vaishali Takker: I am obsessed with food applications! You will forever find me browsing on some food website, or checking out some food bloggers. I am always finding new restaurants to dine at. I make a new wish-list every week which includes the places or food items I want to check off.
Shubhangi Atre Poorey: My weird obsession is my extreme need for Vicks before I go to sleep! It’s a habit of so many years, that I cannot fall asleep if I don’t apply Vicks on my nose. It gives me that cosiness I need while sleeping. I carry a small bottle of Vicks with me wherever I go. Call me weird but yes I have this habit!
Aditi Bhatia: I am obsessed with Natural’s chocobite flavoured ice cream! I actually eat it every day. It’s the one thing I need in my times of happiness or sadness. There’s nothing else that tops chocolate ice cream amongst my obsessions.
Ridheema Tiwari: I am obsessed with nail art. I can’t do without keeping my hands perfect. I spend most of time at nail spas doing manicure and getting paints and gel polishes. I freak out when my nails chip. I am not so particular about getting clean ups for my face as I am obsessed with my hands and feet.
Aishwarya Sakhuja: People think I’m kind of weird when I start conversations with animals. If I see a cat or a dog or any animal, I just sit beside them and start talking. Animals have a proper sense of responding; so for me, I am actually having a talk with them. But for others, it looks funny.
Eisha Singh: I am obsessed with sleeping. I can sleep anywhere at any time without caring what is happening around me. Once, I was at a wedding where the baaraat was about to come and I was already asleep on one of the tables. I can fit into a small chair and still fall asleep with no discomfort. That’s how much I love sleep. I am also obsessed with dogs; if I could I would adopt all the dogs in the world.
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