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Suraj tries to suffocate Vihaan, and gets angry on him for helping Tina run away from there. He is angry to lost Tina’s money. Chakor says it is good that it has happened with him. She insults him infront of his friends.

Suraj raises his hand to slap her, but Chakor holds his hand to stop him. Offscreen Chakor says she didn’t tell all the truth to Vihaan and Imli till now, else the story would have been different. She says I have told them half truth. Imli has no choice then to aim gun at Suraj and asks him to leave Vihaan. Offscreen she says she has become friends with Vihaan.

She says I have just hatred in heart for Suraj and regrets to have loved him once. Suraj tells her that she is just a servant to him and tells her that he had showed her place by not marrying her. Keep reading.

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