Very painful but no stopping me: MOHIT MALIK on getting stitches


MUMBAI: Actor Mohit Malik, who is currently seen donning the role of rockstar Sikander Singh Gill in Star Plus’ daily Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala, was rushed to the hospital after shooting for a chasing sequence which leads to the actor getting stitches on his finger.

As per the current story-line, Kullfi (Aakriti Sharma) has gone missing but she’s actually being kidnapped by David (Rajeev Bhardwaj). Sikander learns about the kidnapper and starts chasing him. While shooting for the same, Mohit’s rings rushed against a pointed objective and sliced through this finger leading to continuous bleeding. The team immediately rushed for his help and was taken to the hospital.

Talking about the same, Mohit says, “We were shooting for an intense fight sequence but things got real. As Sikander, I wear finger rings and the rings brushed against an object and sliced my skin. We immediately rushed to the hospital where I got to know that I had to get stitches since the cut was deep.”

He adds, “It’s definitely very painful but obviously it is not stopping me from doing anything. I am shooting even today.”

We love your spirit, Sikander Ji!

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