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Ishita and Raman are ready, Toshi does their arti. Raman and Ishita won first round of cooking competition in Pihu’s school. Toshi says are you happy now Pihu?
Raman and Ishita had to go on a date but it didn’t go as planned. Because Pihu sat in Raman’s car so he had to bring her to the restaurant.
Ishita sits on the other table. Aadi and Aliya come there too and later Mihir as well.

Later, Ishita is leaving the house.
Shagun wanted to Raman to sign contract for Pihu to do an ad. Ishita takes the paper and says how could you do this. She is a child.

Off screen: Toshi says Raman made food and mixed so many wrong things in it. Aadi says Shagun mama doesn’t want Ishita to live here. She has provoked Pihu. We are all with Ishima. She is not far. She is next door. Aadi says Ishima is our roots we will do anything for bring her back.

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