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Ishita is getting ready. Raman is coming closer to her. He says I love these earrings so much. Ishita smiles. He has gifted those earrings to her. ishita is really happy and hugs him.

Off screen: Ishita says small happiness are the most beautiful. Raman has done what most of husbands don’t do. I never knew that Raman will ever treat me with so much love.

Before this Ishita was upset as its Shagun and Raman’s anniversary and she is in the house at that moment. Raman realizes and comes to her. He says I believe my relationship with you doesn’t need gifts to express. Ishita tells the reporter, Its raman and Shagun’s anniversary but he is telling me that days don’t matter. Every day is beautiful when you have a good life partner. Ishita gets ready to go out with Raman but then she sees Mihika crying in the washroom. Ishita tells the reporter I am highly angry because she is misbehaving with whole family and I am not liking it at all.

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