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Shagun goes to roof top and want so jump off. Ishita runs after her and tries to stop her but Shagun shoves her. Ishita says are you out of your mind, Ishita grasps her hand and says you have another life in you please don’t do this. Shagun struggles to release her hand and says leave me. Ishita says I am saying sorry with all my heart. Please don’t do this. Shagun says so now you are apologizing. You want your child. Shagun finally shoves her again and jumps off, Ishita screams. Raman and everyone else come running upstairs. Ishita is crying with helplessness.

Off screen: Ishita says that is very shocking because Shagun is really agitated. She was infuriated that we all accused her. She is genuinely a better person now. After behaving so well, if you get accused then the reaction is a must.

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