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Mrs. Bhalla cries and shouts at Ishita to leave her house, she drags Ishita and ask her to get lost, Shagun tries to stop her but Mrs. Bhalla throws her out of house too aongwith Ishita.

Reporter says, after Mrs. Bhalla got to know about Ishita and Shagun’s lie, she has thrown them out of house, she is angry with them.

Mrs. Bhalla cries inside house while Ishita cries outside house, After Mrs. Bhalla goes to her room, Ishita tries to talk to Sarika but Sarika closes door.

Ishita tries to talk her Mrs. Iyer but she also closes her doors on Ishita. Ishita says to Shagun that they are just seeing that i lied to them but they are not understanding that their son’s life is in danger, she cries while Shagun tries to console her.

Reporter says, there are many questions raised like Ishita fought with crocodile then how she became fine and returned home so quickly?

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