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Akshara comes in lounge with other ladies dressed nicely for function. Reporter says, Akshara has become bride again, she is wearing red suit and looking stunning. ALL Singhaniya and Meheshwari family ladies are wearing red suit today, they are all dressed like brides and they should be as for the first time they are celebrating Karwa Chauth.

Off-screen Varsha says, We are celebrating Karwa Chauth for first time, it was Jasmeet’s idea and she wanted all of us to wear red dress like married women so we wore red only. All are looking amazing.

Reporter says, like all the ladies akshara was fasting for long life of her husband Natik but because of twist, she had to break her fast before time.

Off-screen Akshara says, Natik broke my fast forcefully with consent of all family members. Actually, Akshara is ill from somedays but she wanted to this fast for Natik, Natik was denying for it.

Reporter says what if you broke your fast, your love each other is pure.

Off-screen Natik says, We didn’t shoot for moon looking scene. It will be dream sequence and it will be romantic.

Reporter ask Varsha and Sunaina about their experience of shooting for sequence. They both say, it was very good shooting for it. Sunaina says I think we should sometime listen to daughter in laws too.

Reporter says, we are waiting for Natik and Akshara;s dream sequence

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