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Akshara is happy as she is going to surat to surprise natik. Reporter says, Akshara is wearing Gujrati saree and she learnt some gujrati words. She has become gujrati and is going to surat to meet her husband natik that’s why she has forgotten her old dressing and is wearing Gujrati Saree.

Off-screen Akshara jokes, I will go there and will ask “Kem Choo” (How are you in gujrati) and natik will reply “Mazaa maa” ( I am good). She says, where natik is living in surat, they are gujraties so I have prepared myself.

Reporter says, all family members praised Akshara’s gujrati look and naksh was happy to see her in different style. Reporter says, before becoming Gujrati, Akshara was thinking what to wear then her choti maa( younger mother) helped her and suggested that if she is going to Gujrat then she should adopt their style and she should take some food and also learn Gujrati.

Aksharah says, I am going to meet Natik and choti maa gave me suggestion that one should dress according to city he is going so that’s why I am wearing this Gujrati Saree.

Reporter says, Natik is in Surat and Akshara is going behind him. Also Navratri occasion is near so Akshara and Natik will be going garba on it.

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