#BB10: Rohan’s performance becomes the topic for ‘Discussion’ in the house!

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Friendships sacrificed over gold.

After making several attempts to rob Rohan’s gold, Lopamudra finds herself getting caught every time. Being strong willed, Lopa tries to sweet talk Rohan and even ties him with a rope.

But cognizant of the fact that none of her plans seem to be working, Lopa finally gives up. Having protected his gold throughout the night, Rohan and the housemates wake up to Chandi Ki Daal Par. Discussing the failed robbery attempt, Lopa tells Manveer that she might have been successful if Manu would have helped.

While making breakfast, Bani taunts Mona asking her to keep the utensils clean. Mona gets annoyed with Bani for repeatedly talking about the same thing. Justifying herself, Bani tells Mona to not take it personally because she only hopes for a little cleanliness in the kitchen.

When Bani complains about this to Rohan, Lopa taunts her by asking her to practice what she preaches. Irritated by this, Bani asks her to not talk about her behind her back. As Bani walks away, Lopa gets into a brawl with Rohan saying that he is not strict with Bani when it comes to housework. Rohan, in turn, reminds her that she cannot dictate what he should or should not do.

Later in the day, unable to trust his ghulams, Rohan decides to ensure that nobody has stolen any gold by checking the contestants’ pockets. Om Swami accuses Rahul of hiding some gold, and this leads to an intense argument between the two. Seeing relationships being tested through this task, Lopa gets emotional because she feels that the task has transformed here into another person.

Announcing the end of the BB Gold Mine task, Bigg Boss also reveals the secret task given to Lopa and Manu. Rohan’s performance also became a topic of discussion and his efforts were lauded by Bigg Boss. Upset with Lopa for having shared details of the secret task with the other contestants, Manu went on a rant – finding support in Bani.

As the day comes to a dramatic close, Bani’s emotions take over as she struggles with being grossly misunderstood by her fellow contestants.

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