News Segments

Reporter says, get ready with your boarding pass to enter Big Boss Season 8, press conference. Salman is seen dancing on Jumme Ki Raat Hain with the girls wearing air hostess dress. Reporter says, he might ask you to sing a song as he is in Antakshari mood.

Salman sings the song Tere Sawaalon Ka………….He says, all the contestants are foreigners. He says he is asked about the contestants but he won’t answer. He asks the person to sing a song. Reporter says, just listen to Salman’s words.

Salman says, he wants to see Sanjay Dutt in big boss house. It is really tough to be in Big boss house. Salman Khan has become a pilot and checked the baggage. The first passenger is SBS’s reporter. Salman take out the mat and asks her to do Yoga on it. Andy asks her to do it.

Salman asks her to do Jacqueline Fernandes split. He says, we will help and asks Andy to help her. She says, she always carry shoes to run anywhere. Reporter says, lets speak to this Pilot to know about the Big boss.

Reporter asks Salman about his first trip. Salman says, his first flight is from Gwalior. Salman says, he wants to sit only on front sit in the car. Reporter asks him about the destination of the airplane. Salman says, he doesn’t know. Reporter asks him about emergency landing of some celebrities. Salman says, I hope this time it won’t happen. This time it will be laughter.

Salman says, being a host he have to be gracious. I hope somebody doesn’t lose his career because of me. Salman asks the audience to watch Big Boss Season 8. Keep reading.